Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the third biggest lake in Central Europe and offers, with its exclusive situation and the mild climate, exclusive conditions for relaxation and sport. Four countries share the Lake Constance region-Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The Bundesländer Bade-Württemberg and Bavaria are situated on the German border.

There are three islands at Lake Constance: Mainau, Reichenau and the Lindau peninsula. Mainau, also known as Island of flowers because of its flowerage, is one of the biggest attractions in the region. Reichenau, which is the largest Lake Constance island, is known, among others, for its market gardening and herb growing.

The island was declared World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO and takes its visitors in a different dimension. A trip on Reichenau is imperative once at Lake Constance, be it for the three roman churches, the herb and vegetable gardens or a walk through the protected natural landscapes.

Between the Rhine delta on the Austrian shore and the impressive Rhine falls near Schaffhausen (Switzerland) there are lovely landscapes worth seeing and extending over kilometers. Along the well arranged bike and hike trails there are picturesque places, extended orchards, wine growing areas and numerous nature reserves.

Historic buildings and monuments tell the story of the region which began about 5000 years ago with the first settlers at Lake Constance. The Stone Age and the Bronze Age can be experienced in the Open-air Museum in the pile dwellings settlement on the Unteruhldingen shore.

The cultural programme in the Lake region is comprehensive. The “Bregenzer Festspiele“ (Bregenz Festival) and the Hohentwiel Festival, as well as the religious concerts in the Baroque church in Birnau rank among the major attractions of the concert summer. Traditional festivities are celebrated all year by around 2.5 million people in the Lake Constance region.

Islands and municipalities around the Lake can be accessed by boat at regular intervals..

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