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Kirchstraße 4
88709 Meersburg
+49 +49 7532 440-400


Many of our guests discover only at second sight that it is possible to enjoy holidays in Meersburg not only with all senses, but also on foot or by bike. The reason: both are possible here: Stroll along picturesque alleys and explore the history of the town. Cycle alongside the Lake, between vineyards and beautiful villages or undertake tours that will take you into the Stone Age. You can also wonderfully hike through forests, vineyards and orchards and into the Baroque. Memorable panoramic views over the Lake and sometimes the Alps, included. We would be pleased to show you some of Meersburg’s trails. Here we go.

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  • Stadt Meersburg am Bodensee
  • Marktplatz 1
  • 88709 Meersburg
  • Telefon 00 49 75 32 / 440-0
  • info@meersburg.de
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