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88709 Meersburg
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Guided hike tours

The region around Meersburg offers marvellous hiking possibilities. Along the routes surrounding the Fortress Town, you will find forests, wine growing areas, orchards and little, idyllic places with their attractions. Guided tours organised on a weekly basis during the season also offer to unexperienced visitors the possibiltiy to discover outlying jewels and impressive viewpoints.

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Hiking tour to Unteruhldingen and to the pile dwellings

The about 6 km long hike trail to Unteruhldingen and the pile dwellings crosses arranged forest paths with viewpoints over Lake Constance and the landscape.

Hike tour along the „Weinkundeweg" (Oenology Path)

The hike tour to Unteruhldingen is organized in alternance with the excursion along the Weinkundeweg. This tour will lead you on a 6 km long trail of vine species of the region and their history. Enjoy the panoramic view over Lake Constance and the Swiss Alps between Meersburg and Hagnau for free.

Dates: Tuesdays (alternatively) 10.00 a.m. from April to October
Venue: Tourist Information, Kirchstraße
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Free participation

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Hike tour all around the villages
Starting at the Pilgrimage Chapel in Baitenhausen (parking possibility), past the apiary, to the Schiggendorfer Tobel

Dates: Fridays (every 2nd week) 2 p.m. in May, June, September (every friday) 
Venue: Pilgrimage Chapel in Baitenhausen
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Free participation


Circular track with following wine tasting

Circular track with "lake Constance guide" trough the vineyards between Meersburg, Stetten and Hagnau. Afterwards wine tasting in the Winegrower's association.

Dates: Mondays (every 2nd week) 3 p.m. from May to mid-October
Venue: Wein- und Kulturzentrum, Kronenstraße
Duration: ca. 2 and a half hours
Fee / person: € 3


Information for groups

Groups have the possibility to make reservations all year. The indicated group fees apply to groups with 30 people maximum pro guide.

Hike tour to Unteruhldingen
ca. 2 hours
Fee / group: € 50

Hike tour along Meersburg's Oenology Path
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Fee / group: € 50

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