Zeppelin flights

The history of aviation was written on July 2nd 1900 in Friedrichshafen. Earl Ferdinand von Zeppelin laid the foundation for the first aerial navigation company worldwide with his rigid airship LZ1. But he glorious era of the silver cigars came to an end in 1940. Hardly 60 years later Friedrichshafen celebrates the rebirth of the Zeppelin. The company Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH constructs the biggest airship in the world, namely the Zeppelin NT ( new technology) that, like its legendary ancestors has a bearing internal structure.

Tickets are available on the phone (depending on the demand) under 0700/93772001 or on the Internet

  • Stadt Meersburg am Bodensee
  • Marktplatz 1
  • 88709 Meersburg
  • Telefon 00 49 75 32 / 440-0
  • info@meersburg.de
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