Lädine / Steamboat

Just imagine Lake Constance in year 1850. Over 150 freighters sail, row from one port to the other. The Lädinen ( Alemannic for „Lädi“ = charge) cruised on the Lake for 500 years. They would carry freight and passengers.
Today there is only one boat of the kind left on Lake Constance, namely the historic Lädine "St.Jodok". It offers a unique sailing experience. Stop the time a little bit and feel the history on this wonderful wooden sailing boat!

Steamboat Hohentwiel
In 1913 the elegant boat as well as the pompous interior decoration caused as much sensation as the modern steam engine which made of the “Hohentwiel“ the fastest boat on Lake Constance. The boat could be restaurated after almost 30 years standstill, that was between 1986 and 1990; after a hard job it had been brought back to its original state and has been cruising again since May 1990.

Tickets for round and special trips are available on the spot at theTourist Information , on the phone under +43 (0)5574 63560 or on the Internet

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