Destinations for excursions with children

Sea Life Constance
In Sea Life Constance visitors go on an underwater journey from the Rhine source in the Alps and follow its course. Visitors cross under an acrylic tunnel that leads to the 320 000 l Mediterranian pool in the middle. An exciting, informative and not weather dependent visit of ca. 1.5 hours.
Accessible within 30 minutes from Meersburg with the liner, on the car ferry and by bus n°.1 every 15 minutes to the busstop Bahnhof (train station).

Pile dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen
More than 5000 years ago, the first pile dwellers lived at Lake Constance. Remainders of their houses have held steady in the lake ground over millenniums through lack of oxygen. Original finds, twenty equipped houses and a museum with dive tank are exhibited in the Open-air Museum, duration ca 1 hour.
After Unteruhldingen, about 5 km away, there are several hike trails, the White Fleet boats need about 30 minutes. Busses run from the Church or the car ferry every 30 minutes in direction of Unteruhldingen.

Salem Ape Mountain
More than two hundred barbary apes are looking forward to each visitor. Why? Because each visitor is allowed to feed the apes with the popcorn they get at the entrance. But what’s even more exciting is to observe the rich social life of these smart animals. The picturesque pond, the beautiful fallow deer enclosure and observing free flying storks are also part of the approx. 2 hours visit.
The Salem Ape Mountain is situated about 10 km from Meersburg. Besides bicycle and car it is also accessible by bus (every hour, changing busses in Unteruhldingen) from Meersburg within the season.

Adventure Parc- High Rope Garden Immenstaad
A special adventure forest! The cord courses will take you in 4 to 15 m height through living trees. What you can expect: new panoramic views, surprising tasks and appealing challenges. And lots of fun! From 3 years, duration of stay up to 3 hours.
The Adventure Parc is situated near Immenstaad, about 10 km from Meersburg towards Friedrichshafen.

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