Island Mainau- The island of flowers at Lake Constance
The changing flowerage and the precious arboretum make of Mainau a unique experience. The Castle is the architectonic epicenter, this is where the island’s heart beats, this is where the Earl family Bernadotte lives. The palm house offers protection to exotic plants during winter and more than 25 species of colourful butterflies flutter in Germany’s largest butterfly house. A green heart for children, lots of adventure in the nature, fun and change. Garden railroad, flower animals, farm, petting zoo, pony arena and playground, one of the most beautiful at Lake Constance.
The Island Mainau is easily accessible from Meersburg within 20 minutes with the “White Fleet” liner or with the MS “Fritz” (departure at the Zum Schiff hotel). Plan 2 to 4 hours for the visit, according to your interests.

Salem Castle
The castle is located in one of the most attractive landscapes at Lake Constance. The unique castle induces to amazement and enjoyment. With 700 years art history, with excellent wine culture and a programme that best brings out the lustre of the many Salem treasures. In fascinating guided tours and wine tastings, during concerts, exhibitions and events, sumptuous atmosphere included.
The Salem Castle is situated about 10 km from Meersburg. Besides bicycle and car it is also accessible by bus (every hour) from Meersburg within the season. Plan 2 to 3 hours for the trip.

Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
The world's biggest show on history and aerial navigation technology presents itself on 4000 sqm One of the most outstanding exhibits is the 33 meters long true to original and walkable reconstruction of a part of LZ 129 Hindenburg. Duration of the tour ca. 1.5 hours
The Museum is located in close vicinity of the port, the cruise by boat from Meersburg takes about one hour. There is a bus every thirty minutes at the church and the car ferry, you'll need about 30 minutes for the 18 km long trip.

Island Reichenau
The (former) convent island is registered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list as cultural landscape that formidably bears witness of the religious and cultural part of one of the biggest Benedictine monasteries of the Middle Age. The well preserved churches on the island show examples of the monasterial architecture from the 9th to the 11th century, the accurately restored mural paintings are of great importance to European art history.
The center of island Reichenau is accessible by bike after ca. 12 km on the car ferry Meersburg-Constance and there you can comfortably visit the churches. If you take the boat you’ll reach Island Reichenau on a particularly attractive route, after changing in Constance. Near the port it is possible to rent a bike or you can use the island bus that runs every hour. This excursion is a day filling programme with a short visit of Constance Old Town on the way back.

"Pfänderbahn" and town Bregenz
With its unique view over Lake Constance, Austria, Germany, Switzeland and 240 Alps summits, the distrainor (1064 m) ist the most famous viewpoint in the region. Be it on hiking tours, on bike, on a visit in the Alps Wildlife Parc or simply enjoying the view on the restaurant’s terrace, combined with the visit of the town Bregenz and the impressive lake stage, it will be a memorable experience for a whole day.
Bregenz as first town in Austria is located about 50 km from Meersburg. If you wish to come by boat, consider that the one way cruise takes about 3 hours. You can also take the bus or the train, in which case you’ll need 1.5 hours to reach Bregenz.

Säntis suspension cable railway/ St.Gallen
You will have a free view over six countries from its impressive summit. On 2502 meters above the sea you leave the everyday life far behind you. The trip lasts ten memorable minutes in the new panoramic cabin. And the view from the summit is simply breathtaking. Large sun terraces, weather protected panoramic halls and comfortable, handiccaped accessible summit paths make the pleasure perfect.
The valley station Schwägalp is accessible by car on the car ferry Meersburg-Constance after a 90 minutes long journey, depending on the waiting time. Excursion trips by bus are offered within the season. To fill the day you can combine the Säntis with the town of St-Gallen known for its famous monastry library.

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