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Panoramic trails, hike trails and walking trails

Shore trail to Hagnau  – 4 km
On a combined bike and hike trail through the vineyard in Haltnau, past the yacht port to Hagnau
(suitable for baby carriage)

Shore trail to Immenstaad  – 8 km
On the Shore trail through Hagnau, Kirchberg Castle to Immenstaad. Firm road surface, part of Lake Constance circular track of the Black Forest Club
(suitable for baby carriage)

Panoramic High Path through the vineyards to
Hagnau – 5 km

Stefan-Lochner-Straße eastwards – Rosenhag – Töbele, cross the bridge– on asphalt road High Path to Wetterkreuz (Weather Cross). This is also where Meersburg's Oenology Path (see below) starts – Lerchenberg Monument of Honour – Rosenhof Country House – straight to Hagnau.
(suitable for baby carriage)

Oenology – Panoramic trail– 6 km
Stefan-Lochner-Straße eastwards – Rosenhag – Töbele, cross the bridge – on asphalt High Path in direction of the Wetterkreuz. This is where Meersburg Oenology Path starts. Eighteen boards give information about the grape varieties grown in Meersburg, wine growing as well as wine growing companies and the geological struture of wine growing areas at Lake Constance.
(suitable for baby carriage)

blaue Linie

Hike and walking trails through the forest and corridor

Lower forest path to Unteruhldingen  – 4 km
Starting above the church or the Droste-Hülshoff path via Gehautobel, for the most part in the forest with beautiful perspectives over the Lake (like a pathway).

Middle forest path to Unteruhldingen - 4 km
Starting above the church, via Gehautobel and resting place Helleneichen, along small waters partly along the outskirts of the forest. Kombined with the lower forest path this is a hike of 7,5 km.

Pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen – Seefelden – Convent in Maurach – Pilgrimage chapel in Birnau
– 7,5 km

Starting at the ferry port, shore path to Unteruhldingen, pile dwellings (Open-air Museum), through the nature reserve Seefelder Aach zo Seefelden, Shore Path to the Convent in Maurach and to the Pilgrimage Chapel in Birnau (back on the same route or with public transports).
(suitable for baby carriage)

Constance trail , a diversified hike trail
– 9 km

Starting at Mesmerstraße – Riedetsweiler – Pilgrimage Chapel in Baitenhausen, via Schiggendorf to Unteruhldingen.
(suitable for baby carriage)

Hike trail on Baroque – Pilgrimage Chapel in Baitenhausen – Salem – 4 km
Starting above the Upper Gate– Fohrenberg – Neuweiher, Rossberg Chapel via Baitenhausen – Grasbeuren till Salem 11,5 km (indication until Chapel in Baitenhausen)

Little nature path, circular trail  – 5 km
Starting above the church or Droste-Hülshoff Path via Gehautobel, Fohrenberg till Friedrichshöhe.

Large nature path, circular trail  – 8 km
Starting above the church or Droste-Hülshoff Path via Daisendorf – Neuweiher - Fohrenberg - till Friedrichshöhe viewpoint.

Big circular hiking Meersburg –Salem Castle
– 18 km

By bus or on one of the above mentionned trails to the Pilgrimage Chapel in Birnau.
From Birnau – Prelate’s path –Salem Castle (6,5 km) via Mimmenhausen – Grasbeuren – to Baitenhausen (7, 5 km) on the country road to Meersburg (3, 5 km) or via Neuweiher to Meersburg (4 km)
Total distance from Birnau – 18 km.
(suitable for baby carriage)

Circular track S1 - 10 km
Starting at the Upper Gate, pass by the cemetery, uphill in direction of Riedetsweiler and continuing on the camino to the Chapel in Breitenbach. Across Wannenberg to the Pilgrimage Chapel in Baitenhausen, in the direction of Daisendorf to Neuweiher, from viewpoint Schüssel and Riedetsweiler back to the starting point.
(suitable for baby carriage)

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